Electronic Media & Broadcasting

Media is everywhere in our highly connected and electronic world. But great sound and pictures won't mean much without a real story to tell, and great stories can't be told through media without well-planned and meticulously executed audio and video.

Learn how to marry your inner storyteller to your technical artist in one of the most wide-ranging disciplines in NKU’s College of Informatics - Electronic Media & Broadcasting.

"As the Water Rises" tells the story of Bowlingtown, KY and was created by the EMB faculty and students in NorseMedia.

With an EMB major or minor, you will:

  • develop the theoretical and aesthetic foundations that define effective media
  • learn to write and create electronic stories - from radio to corporate video to documentaries to live television to digital cinema and more,
  • develop the conceptual skills that create great narratives,
  • build proficiency with the software and other tools of the trade, and
  • accumulate a reel of work you can demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

This video promotes Untethered Theater's play "All New People" (written by Zach Braff) which ran in downtown Cincinnati and featured four video flashbacks, each created by the fall 2014 EMB 424 Digital Cinema Projects class.

If you have the passion for the fast-changing opportunities in “storytelling with a screen” you’ll love your future with an Electronic Media & Broadcasting degree from NKU.

"Revelation Trail" is a feature film co-written, co-produced and directed by EMB/NorseMedia lecturer John Gibson and features many EMB students and graduates in the crew and cast.