Public Relations

Public relations involves the planned management of an organization’s relationships with its stakeholders and the strategic crafting of all its communications. It requires a knowledge of people, events and communication — and expert understanding of how they influence each other, then applying that expertise by knowing how and when to best communicate. 

For these reasons, our public relations (PR) program is an interdisciplinary major incorporating journalism, electronic media & broadcasting, marketing and speech communication.

Because of NKU's ideal proximity to metro Cincinnati, you will have countless opportunities for internship or cooperatives in organizations such as:

  • Communication agencies
  • Corporations
  • Media outlets
  • Non-profit and educational organizations
  • Government public affairs divisions

You may want to join NKU's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America and begin networking your career. NKU PR graduates find employment in any number of positions:

  • Agency account executive
  • Media, customer, employee or member relations manager
  • Public information officer
  • Promotions coordinator
  • Writer/editor

Find out what public relations is really all about.