Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer science is the study of the structure, transformation, and limits of information.

Computer scientists use the notions of algorithm and representation as a means to understand nature and to design artificial systems.

Software engineering is one of the key applications of computer science today. From handheld wireless devices to supercomputers, software is pervasive. The analysis, design, construction, and maintenance of these vast yet highly intricate software systems is one of the greatest practical challenges in the world today.

The undergraduate computer science curriculum at NKU consists of classic computer science mixed with a strong component of programming and software design. Students begin their study of programming in the Java language, then move on to learn about data structures, algorithms, computer systems. Electives include courses in web programming, databases, networks, artificial intelligence and 3D graphics programming. In their final year computer science majors take a capstone project course in software engineering, in which teams of students compete to build a single complex software application.

The study of computer science cultivates talents in many different areas. It develops imagination (the ability to create and relate new and unforeseen objects), mathematical skill (the ability to think abstractly and logically), technical virtuosity (mastery of complex computer languages such as C++), and discipline (adaptation to the rigors of large and demanding projects).

See a sample four year plan here.  

According to the U.S. Department of Labor

  • Computer professionals and related jobs are projected to be the fastest growing occupations through 2014.
  • Systems design and the related services industry is expected to add 453,000 jobs by 2014.

From kitchen ovens to wireless handhelds to supercomputers, an increasing number of devices make use of computer software. Consequently, there is an increasing need for professionals skilled in the analysis, design, construction, and maintenance of software systems. These professionals include:

  • IT security specialists
  • IT specialists
  • software developers/engineers
  • software test, QA, and integration engineers

Fortune magazine magazine lists Software Engineer as one of the fastest growing jobs in America, with particular emphasis on mobile application development for smartphones- something we have taught at NKU since January 2010.

A Bachelor of Science degree or minor in computer science (CS) from NKU will develop your:

  • imagination to create and relate the previously unimagined
  • ability to think abstractly and logically
  • mastery of complex computer languages like C++
  • discipline and leadership

All our faculty hold Ph.D.s in the field, are devoted to teaching, and offer students opportunities to join them in their research (such as through the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates program). You can also participate in outreach programs that allow you to share what you've learned with the wider community.

Most of our undergrads find employment during their sophomore and junior years with companies such as:

  • Cinergy Corp.
  • Convergent Group
  • GE
  • Kroger
  • Siemens
  • Software Architects

For a greater concentration in hardware installation and troubleshooting, a Computer Information Technology (C.I.T.) degree is also available.

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