Minor in Computer Science

The minor in Computer Science gives you the ultimate freedom to take courses that interest you, ranging from computer information technology, informatics, computer science, and mathematics.

A minor in computer science consists of 21 semester hours of computer science (CSC), mathematics (MAT 119 or higher), computer information technology (CIT), and informatics (INF) courses. This coursework must include:

  • INF 260
  • CSC 360
  • CSC 362 or CSC 364
  • 6 hours of CSC electives
  • 6 additional hours of CSC, CIT or INF courses

A students majoring in mathematics may not count courses with an MAT prefix toward a minor in Computer Science.

A grade point average of at least 2.0 in all coursework counted toward the minor is required. Transfer students must take at least 6 semester hours toward a minor at NKU.

For more information on our program visit with a Program Advisor.

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