Minor in Information Security

With a minor in Information Security you will understand how hackers attack computer systems and you will know how to defend against these attacks. You will learn how to secure your corporation's network and its valuable information. This minor will teach you how to build a corporate security program and how to respond to security incidents. It will help prepare Computer Information Technology and Business Informatics majors for careers as an information security professional.

A minor in information security consists of 30 semester hours, including the following:

  • INF 120 Elementary Programming
  • CIT 130 Information Technology Fundamentals
  • CIT 247 Networking Fundamentals
  • CIT 371 Unix Systems
  • CIT 380 Securing Computer Systems
  • STA 212 Statistics for Business Applications I
  • BIS 300 Management Information Systems
  • BIS 330 IT Project Management
  • BIS 382 Principles of Information Security
  • One course of the following:
    • CIT 430 Computer Forensics
    • CIT 484 Network Security
    • CSC 482 Computer Security
    • CSC/MAT 483 Cryptology

For students under pre-2011 catalogs: The requirements are INF 120, CIT 140, CIT 370, CIT 380, BIS 300, BIS 330, BIS 382, and two of the following courses: CIT 430, CIT 484, CSC 482 and CSC/MAT 483.

A grade point average of at least 2.0 in all coursework counted toward the minor is required. Transfer students must take at least 6 semester hours toward a minor at NKU.

For more information on our program visit with a Program Advisor.

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