Undergraduate Certificate in Software Development

The following requirements provide students with a strong foundation in software development skills and concepts. From this foundation students will be equipped to learn new technologies.

The requirements total 21 credit hours in software development courses (15 hours of required courses and 6 hours of electives).

Degree requirements

A. Students will complete the following five required courses:

  • INF 120 Elementary Programming (or placement)
  • INF 260 Object-Oriented Programming I
  • INF 282 Introduction to Databases
  • CSC 360 Object-Oriented Programming II
  • CSC 364 Data Structures and Algorithms

Note that CSC 360 has a prerequisite of MAT 119 Pre-calculus Mathematics or equivalent ACTE mathematics score.

B. Students will also complete two of the following five elective courses:

  • CSC 301 Web Programming
  • CSC 362 Computer Systems
  • CSC 402 Advanced Programming Methods
  • CSC 439 Software Testing and Maintenance
  • CSC 456 Advanced Web Application Development

Other 300- and 400-level CSC software development courses may be counted as electives with permission of the department. The required courses provide the students with concepts and skills in object-oriented programming.

The students also gain knowledge of widely applicable data structures and algorithms. The course in databases is required since most contemporary software connects to databases. The elective courses give the students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in practical, contemporary technologies and methodologies. Internships and work study programs are not applicable to the certificate requirements. However, we generally consider students who have completed CSC 360 as being ready to participate in internship or co-op experiences.

Many of our undergraduate students with this background have been employed at local companies. Others have worked on projects for local companies and organizations through the College of Informatics Infrastructure Management Institute (IMI). Completion of this certificate program.

Students who complete this coursework with a GPA of at least 3.0, and who complete a year of Calculus and a course in Discrete Mathematics will be eligible for regular admission into the Master of Science program in Computer Science at NKU.